The Unique and Ultimate

1972 - 1978

which is the
Sign of the Son of Man
appeared six times in the sky
in 1972

"I want to save the world by My Message"
(34th Apparition, September 19th, 1975)

"Then the Sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the peoples of earth will weep as they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." (Matthew XXIV-30)


"Behold the CROSS of the Lord." "You will make known this CROSS and you will carry it." (28.3.72)
"The Glorious Cross or the Sign of the Son of Man is the announcement of the approaching return in Glory of the Risen Jesus. When this Cross will have been raised from the ground, I will draw everything to Myself." (3.5.74) "Tell all nations that God has spoken by the mouth of His servant. He has revealed to her that the Great Tribulation is near for she has seen the Sign of the Son of Man... After these days of distress, then will appear in the heavens the Son of Man Himself with great majesty and power, (coming) to gather the chosen from the four corners of the earth. Blessed the repentant for they will have eternal life." (1.11.74)

"Rejoice, because the time is near when the Son of Man will come back in Glory." (1.3.74) "... so, be ready because Great Tribulation is near... this young generation will not pass before this happens," (4.7.75) "before the end of the century." (1.3.74).

"... You, Head of Churches, in truth I tell you, it is by this Cross, set up over the world that nations will be saved." (4.7.75) "... Listen to the folly of the Message, because it is by this Message that it pleases God to save the world." (19.9.75).

So the substance of the revelation made to Madeleine (between March 28th, 1972 and October 6th, 1978 at DOZULÉ in Normandy (France) is as follows : The GLORIOUS CROSS is the SIGN of the APPROACHING RETURN OF JESUS. Jesus' first request is to "make known" the Sign of the Son of Man. "You will carry it" is, undoubtedly only the consequence of the lack of comprehension and the obstacles which will mount against attempts to "make known" this Sign. The second request is to "have the Glorious Cross erected".This is the folly of the Message, the folly of the Cross which is a scandal to the world.

Madeleine did not receive a "private revelation" ; it is a warning for the entire world, for nations, for "Head of Churches", for the Church. It does not concern a single diocese, not just the Church in France, not only the Roman Church. The event has a triple dimension, exceptional by its gravity, by its universality and by the urgency with which Jesus Himself regards it. One can, then, understand that "this CROSS raised up over the world" must be immense and not merely a local calvary. At its feet a Sanctuary of Reconciliation must be built to which will come, in penitence, the faithful from all over the world, and from all the Churches.


This site gives you the story of the apparitions and the words dictated to Madeleine at Dozulé by Our Lord Jesus Christ, from March 28th, 1972 to October 6th 1978. It has been possible to compose it thanks to Madeleine's notebooks and the verbatim minutes taken by the priest and nuns present during the events. Madeleine has read and verified it.

"It is by this Message that it pleases God to save the world." (34th App. 19.9.75) Christians of the Roman Catholic Church ask you to read, meditate and spread this "Word of God" which "must not sleep at the bottom of a drawer but must be Truth and Light for the whole world." (33rd app. 4.7.75) for "humanity will not find Peace as long as it does not know my Message, and does not put it into practice." (36th app. 25.12.75)
"Rejoice, rejoice without ceasing in the Lord." (10th app. 7.9.73)
"Always be joyful, don't bewail the general cataclysm of this generation, because all this must happen. But behold the Sign of the Son of Man in the sky..." (11th app. 5.10.73)


In conformity with the decrees of Pope Urban VIII, we have no intention of anticipating on the judgement of the Holy Apostolic See and of the Church to which we are faithfully submissive.
In the A.A.S. of 29.12.66, a decree from the Congregation of Doctrine and Faith was published. According to this decree it is permitted to spread, without imprimatur, writings concerning apparitions and revelations.

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