Au milieu de la nuit, un grand cri retentit :
"Voici l'Époux qui vient !
"Venez tous à sa rencontre !..."


25th Anniversary of the
(28 March 1972 - 28 March 1997)

In 1997, in this YEAR of CHRIST when 28th March falls on GOOD FRIDAY, may Dozulé's " ECCE CRUCEM DOMINI " resound not only "as in a church" (1st App), but "as in the whole Church", and that "in a strong, grave, impressive voice", so that the extraordinary "unique and definitive Message which God revealed to "His Servant" may at last be heard and answered. The Words which came from her lips are not human words but came through what the Spirit taught her"
(34th App.).


May "the Lady of all Nations", the Coredemptrix and Mediatrix whose Amsterdam Message (1945-1971) was celestially authenticated straightaway by the event of Our Lady of Akita in Japan (recognised by the Church in 1984 and 1996), become the Advocate of the Message of the Cross of all Nations... The Advocate of the Dozulé Event and Message...

image by sister Faustine
"The Merciful Sacred Heart by Soeur Faustine"

March 28th 1997 : 25th Anniversary of DOZULÉ
PRAISE of "private revelations"

1. Before the coming of the Parousia with its "Sign" (Matthew 24:30) and its "Dies irae" (Psalm 96:4), a precursory event, an extraordinary "private revelation" occurred on the Dozule High Mound (on 28th March 1972), and not in a fleeting manner ; it lasted with intervals right upto October 1978...
The Pastors, the Watchmen, those affected in a special way, were in a position to be on the watch for and receptive to such a "sign". From its first hour, this Sign clearly proclaimed itself to be the Glorious Cross of Christ : "ECCE CRUCEM DOMINI" (1st apparition).
This happened ten years after Vatican II in 1962, and exactly eight years after the promulgation (on 21st November 1964) of "Lumen Gentium" ("Light of the Nations").

2. In those years from 1972, as regards Dozule, which was clearly Christ's Glorious Cross from the very first extraordinary apparition at dawn on Holy Tuesday 1972 - "Ecce Crucem Domini" - why were the Pastors, who were very much supposed to be, so little moved by it ? No doubt because Dozulé was a matter of "private revelation".

3. And yet, who is unaware that, from the beginning of Church History, when the "Redeemer of man" wants to entrust to mankind an important communication He does so by private revelation, and that it cannot be otherwise ?

Isn't the whole History of the Church and of her mission as "Light of the Nations" built on the dazzling "private revelation" which, on the road to Damascus, made the most ardent persecutor of the early Church into the great Apostle of the Nations ?
In this letter to the Galatians, Paul himself states how he received and passed on the Gospel : This Gospel which I have proclaimed to you is not from man ; and moreover, it's not by a man that it was passed on or taught to me, but by a revelation of Christ. For you have heard reports of my behaviour not long ago in Judaism - how furiously I persecuted the Church of God and sought to destroy it ... (1:11--13).

4. In our times Heaven has thought it right to resort to the "private revelation" called "DOZULÉ" (1972-1978). The Redeemer of man Himself entered, came out of His Eucharistic silence, to disperse and overcome for a long time the opaque "smoke of Satan" which, from 1972, desired the self-destruction of the Church of the Glorious Cross and the self-destruction of the Glorious Cross itself.

Before John Paul II's first encyclical, "The Redeemer of Man", in 1978, Jesus Christ in Person, through His Dozulé, had taken up Satan's challenge...

(Extract from the OPEN LETTER "FIORETTI", written for the occasion of the 25th ANNIVERSARY of the "ECCE CRUCEM DOMINI" of DOZULÉ (28th March 1972 -28th March 1997) by Father Constant DEROUARD, O.S.M., a member of the Marian Movement of Priests and the Religious Adviser of the "FRIENDS OF THE GLORIOUS CROSS".

Know that Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death, that His Reign is eternal, and that He is coming to conquer the world and time."
You are living in the times when every event is the Sign of the written Word.
(Message of March 28th 1975)

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